48″ Curved LED TV Review

In this Video I will be talking about the TCL C4 8P 1FS 48 ” Curved LED TV I would also be let me tell you something some Info and Details about the Tv and Would Also Be talking about the Things That I Like& The Act That I Do Not Like about this Tv OR You May too say the Pros and Cons of this Tv in My Opinion And Would Afterwards be Indicating the answer to this Topic If You Should Buy This Tv OR NOT? If You are Amazing what’s this Brand TCL and Wanna Know about the Brand then I would be leaving a Link to a Video By the Brand Itself in the Description, You may watch that to know more about the firebrand But In this Video as I stated earlier I would be talking about one of their Product So Let’s Begin This is a Curved Type LED Tv, The Size of the Panel is 48 “, The Resolution is 1920 X1080 Full HD Talking about the Ports& Connectivity: This Tv has went 3 HDMI Ports, The HDMI 1 Port has went Support for MHL 2 USB Ports and an Antenna Cable Input Port located on the Right Hand Side of the Tv Then On the Back Side of the Tv We Get AV Input Ports, Component Input Ports, Lan/ Ethernet Port, SPDIF Port, Audio Output Ports and a VGA Port On the Left Side we have a Port for Connecting the Power Cable This Tv has also Got Bluetooth Connectivity When it comes to Internals The Tv has got a Mediatek Quad Core 1 GHz A7 Processor coupled with a Dual Core Mali4 50 MP2 GPU Clocked at 400 MHz It has 6 GB DDR3 RAM And has went 4 GB of Inbuilt Flash Storage It lopes on Android and the UI is Custom The Curved Panel of this Tv is from Samsung The Overall thickness of this Tv is about 69.6 mm and the Thinnest Part is about 12 mm The Weight is Nearly 11 Kg Anyways To know More Info about the Tv check the Link to the PDF Files in the Description Enough of the Specifications Inside the Box You get the Tv, Remote Control, Power Cord and Stands for the Tv, it Doesn’t come with Wall Mounts Inside the Box and You have to get them separately, Nonetheless One Guy Who has bought the Tv From Amazon Suggests that People Who Come For Installation Bring the Wall Mounts with them but you are going to remind them and the Installation is Free If we talk about the Pricing and Availability The Tv is Priced at Rs.

37, 990 as of 12th August 2016 and Its an Amazon India Exclusive Product Which symbolizes as of now its Merely Available on Amazon India Let’s Quickly Go through the Initial Setup and Talk about the Software& UI This is how the UI Looks like, We Get a Tile Like UI with Info like Connected Devices, Wifi Status and Date Time Info at the Top Right 4 Basic Tabs/ Pages are there in the UI – Home, Videos, Tv and Apps On “Home Screen Tab/ Page” there’s a Search Icon which You can Use to Search for YouTube Videos and an Icon to View and Manage Watch History, Tv too proposes few Trending Videos which are Displayed as Tiles on the Home Screen “Videos Tab/ Page” has Tiles for Few Different Categories of Videos like Movie, Sports, Music, News etc and Each of the Tile takes you to the Respective YouTube Category Page Under the “TV Tab/ Page you have Active/ Recent Source Displayed as a Live Tile and you too have Option to Choose Different Source Like Tv, HDMI 1/2/ 3, AV, Component, USB and PC The Apps Page Displays Option to Visit the App Store and Also Demonstrates Some Apps that are Set on the Tv AND You can Directly Launch Apps from Here Under Giving We Get 5 Basic Giving Options like “Picture, Sound, Network , System and Applications* Picture Tab has Option to Adjust/ Change Picture Preset, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Temperature etc.

With some Advanced Option as well* Under the Sound Tab we are in a position Select the Sound Preset, Connect a Blue-tooth Device and we too have some Advanced alternatives* Under the Network Tab we have Ethernet and Wireless Settings Options* Under the System Tab we have Options like Language, Timer, Lock, Software Update, Bluetooth etc.* Under Applications Tab we have alternatives to consider All, Running and Updated Apps, we too have an Option to View Available Storage Space Few Things I Discovered About the UI& Tv:* I Wasn’t Able to Find any Inbuilt Notification Center* In Apps Where you have Option for Voice Search you won’t be able to use the Voice Search Feature on this Tv as the Tv or the Remote doesn’t have any Inbuilt Microphone for Voice Input* Inbuilt Apps like icflix, GoLive Tv don’t have any Indian Content Yet and not all of the Content is Free and Apps Like Deezer Require you to Sign In/ Sign up Before Using* The Inbuilt App Store Included is NOT Google Play Store and I wasn’t able to Install any APK as well* YouTube Inbuilt App Category Suggestions In Some specimen are NOT Accurate, The Inbuilt YouTube App Itself isn’t that great and the YouTube for TV app which You can download from App Store works something better in my opinion* The Tv Can’t Play 4k Videos, It is a 1080 p FHD TV, If you try to play 4k video through USB it simply refuses to play and comes up with an error territory media register isn’t subsidized Even with MX PLAYER APP WHEN I TRIED TO PLAY a 4k Video registered the app Crashed* For Smooth Video Playback I would suggest to use the Inbuilt Video Player as I have noticed that with apps like Mx player the Video playback is not that smooth* If you wish to Reset the Tv To the Default Settings then the Reset Option would be Found Under “Settings> System> Software Update” and the Password to Reset is “1 234 “* In this Tv You too have an Option to Use your Smartphone as a Remote Control of the Tv* You too have an Option to Stream Music to Your Tv Via Your SmartPhone Using Bluetooth* Employing the Inbuilt T-Cast App you are able to Wirelessly Screen Share Your SmartPhone Onto the Tv But I had issues and it isn’t much stable and doesn’t find grow like the Chromecast Yet.

* Recording Option doesn’t Seem to work with an HDMI Source* The Remote has all the Basic Buttons But The “3D” Button On the Remote Doesn’t Seem to Wield with this Tv Now Let’s Talk About the Happenings that I like& The Act that I Do Not Like About this Tv Starting with the Happenings that I DO NOT Like:* Most of the Smart TV Functions and Features Feel Gimmicky, Non User Friendly and Simply Not Mature Enough like the UN-Polished And Slow UI, Slow Inbuilt YouTube App with In-Accurate Suggestions, Lack Of Indian Content in Most of the Apps and the Limited Inbuilt App Store+ I wasn’t even be permitted to Side load and Install any APK as well* Next is the Remote Control which is Exceedingly Long, Uncomfortable to Hold and experiences Top Heavy+ The Buttons on the Remote are hard to press and Very Clicky and Make a Observable Tone When Pressed and then the Arrow keys and “Okay Button” that you were supposed to Use with the Remote in order to Navigate within the UI which I feel is annoying and not a Smart Way to Navigate* I could also Sometimes Notice some Reflection while considering the Tv from Certain Angles which I think is due to the Curved Screen of the Tv and because i have a opening on the opposite side of the Tv AND the illuminate coming from the opening is being reflected by the Tv Nonetheless at Night in Dark I couldn’t Notice any Reflection Let’s Now Talk About the things that I Like:* The stuff that I simply cannot deplore about in this Tv has to be the Display Quality which Seems Awesome for the Price, The Black Levels of this Tv are again Amazing which Results in an Immersive Viewing Experience while Watching Content on this Tv* The Sound Output and Audio Quality is Good and The audio is clear while watching the Tv.

Still for get Great Audio Output I would recommend utilizing Good External Speakers.* There are Decent Number of Ports like 3 HDMI, 2 USB, VGA and Support for MHL* The Tv has also got all kinds of different locations* When we Compare the Cost to A similarly sized tv from samsung, it would cost approximately doubled the cost of such tv* And If you are searching for a Big Curved Screen TV then i guess in this rate assortment of under 40 k this is the only option and no doubts its a pretty good one Ok Now Some Suggestions Or Feedback for the Brand: I would have really liked if the UI was more flowing or If the Buyer had an Option to Flash some Different UI Like Android TV onto this Tv or Atleast would be allowed to Sideload and Install Apk’s It should have atleast started with an inbuilt small-scale keyboard in the remote control or a detached small-scale keyboard, utilizing the arrow keys and okay button of the remote as a keyboard is a tendernes and is annoying as well Last-place stuff is The stands of the Tv are constructed of Plastic, would have Wished Metal/ Stainless Steel Stands as they would just examine a little better Few Tips If You have Bought this Tv or are Planning to Buy It* For Great Audio Output and Quality I would Recommend Employing Good External Speakers with the Tv* To avoid any thoughtfulnes made to ensure that you are sitting in the center so that the Tv is straight in front of you Secondly make sure there’s no light source behind you facing the Tv And Following this should result in a Great and Immersive Viewing Experience* Would Also Recommend to Connect a HDMI Dongle Like Chromecast OR If You have a Game Console like Xbox One for Watching Online Content, I predominantly determined myself utilizing my Chromecast for watching Online Content as it made more seamlessly than the Inbuilt YouTube App So Should You Buy This Tv? It Simply Comes Down to What You Are Searching for and What You Are Expecting I would Propose If You are Searching for a “Smart TV” which has Smart Features Inbuilt so that You do not is a requirement to Connect any Smart Dongle Or Any Kind of Box then I won’t recommend this Tv as I Felt the Smart Features in this Tv to Be Gimmicky and NON User Friendly as I examined Earlier and I predominantly determined myself utilizing my Chromecast dongle for watching online videos as it made more seamlessly But if you are searching for a Big TV and what you Care for is a Good Display , Decent Audio and a Variety of Ports then I would Mention its a Pretty Good and a Value for Money TV as the Experience watching Content on this Tv is Exceedingly Immersive due to its Awesome Display, Deep Blacks and Thin Bezels and Overall I genuinely Enjoyed Watching Content on this Tv Now if you are Specific Searching for a Curved TV in this Budget then I predict this is Your Alone Alternative and Again its a Pretty Good One and It’s a really immersive event and I too don’t know if I would feel ordinary while watching a Flat Screen TV Again Considering the Price I think this Tv is a Exceedingly Good Value for Money TV but it isn’t a Good Smart TV so If You are looking for a Good Smart TV then I would suggest You to examine elsewhere, perhaps the New Le TV should be the one you should go for So In My Opinion its a Great Tv but not a Great Smart TV What do you think, let me know in the Comments Below Thanks for Watching

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